• Animal pounds is a new series from BOOM! Studios exploring what happens when animals rebel against a pound, inspired by George Orwell.
  • Clay Mann’s latest variant cover features three animals with glowing eyes and an unlocked padlock, setting a dark and dangerous tone for the series.
  • This satirical and emotional miniseries from Tom King and Peter Gross explores themes of oppression and fascism from the perspective of these caged animals.

BOOM! Studios’ new Orwell-inspired series, Animal poundswill explore what happens when the titular animals rebel against the pound – as hinted at in a brand new variant cover by Clay Mann. This new series by Tom King and Peter Gross draws inspiration from the 20th century writer George Orwell, who is a great inspiration to today’s writers and artists.

As shared exclusively by Screen Rant, BOOM! has released another cover variant for next year Animal pounds Series by King, Gross, Tamra Bonvillain and Clayton Cowles. Fan-favorite artist Clay Mann’s “Unlockable” cover is a menacing glimpse into the world of Animal pounds.

The variant shows three formerly caged animals staring at the reader, their eyes glowing dangerously. An unlocked padlock dangles above them. This cover variant will be available from December 20th Animal pounds #1 meets physical and digital booths.

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Animal pounds A reinterpretation of Orwell’s Animal farm for the 21st century

Announced last August Animal pounds is the latest creative project from writer King and artist Gross. These two acclaimed creators join forces for the first time to reimagine Orwell’s world animal farm – a satirical story about totalitarianism told through the eyes of animals – for a 21st century audience. The official description of the series announcement states: “When an uprising puts one animal in control, they quickly find themselves as comrades, united against anything that walks on two legs. But with this newfound power comes a sudden challenge: How best to lay the foundation for this new democracy as they write their first constitution?

This variant cover by Mann sets the tone for the satirical – but likely emotionally resonant – miniseries. Comic book fans may be used to silly animal stories and heartbreaking animal tales, but exploring the rage of these caged animals feels like a new perspective. Orwell’s source material may be a satire based essentially on ironic humor, but it is both Animal farm and its new derivation, animal pound, Explore oppression and fascism – themes that inevitably evoke darker and more dangerous emotions. This new variant is no exception and actually promises the reader that danger may be lurking ahead.

Animal pounds Uses animals to tell a political fable

Fans of King and Gross will eagerly await this new and risky series from the writing and artistic team. Again the complete first edition of Animal pounds #1 – including this variant cover by Clay Mann – is available from December 20th BOOM! Studios.

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