Fans of animated sci-fi movies will want to know where to watch Treasure Planet (2002). The film is an animated adventure based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island. Set in the classic space story, the film follows protagonist Jim Hawkins as he, along with John Silver, a cyborg chef, and his crew members set off for the stars aboard the RLS Legacy in search of the lost treasure lying on the mythical treasure planet is hidden.

You can watch Treasure Planet online here.

Where to watch and stream Treasure Planet?

You can Watch and stream Treasure Planet on Disney Plus.

Treasure Planet includes the voices of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Jim Hawkins), Brian Murray (John Silver), David Hyde Pierce (Dr. Delbert Doppler), Emma Thompson (Captain Amelia), Martin Short (BEN), Roscoe Lee Browne (Mr . Arrow), Laurie Metcalf (Sarah Hawkins), Dane Davis (Morph), Michael Wincott (Scroop), Patrick McGoohan (Billy Bones), Peter Cullen (Captain Nathaniel Flint), Tony Jay (The Narrator), Jane Carr (Mrs. Dunwitty) and Corey Burton (Onus).

Here’s how to watch and stream Treasure Planet online

Treasure Planet can be streamed online by subscribing to Disney Plus through the app or website and getting a subscription plan that suits you. Disney Plus currently offers two monthly plans and one yearly plan. The monthly plan with ads is $7.99/month and the ad-free plan is $10.99/month. The annual premium plan comes with additional features like GroupWatch and unlimited downloads, in addition to ad-free streaming, and costs $109.99 per year.

The official synopsis from Treasure Planet reads:

“When a space galleon cabin boy, Jim Hawkins, discovers a map to an intergalactic ‘Spoils from a Thousand Worlds’, a cyborg chef named John Silver teaches him how to battle supernovae and space storms in his quest for treasure.”

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