Sen. Tommy Tuberville criticized Democrats’ hypocrisy on guns Friday, claiming two prominent Democratic senators support a ban on assault weapons but want undocumented immigrants to serve in the military.

“I heard that Senator Durbin now wants illegal immigrants to serve in the military because we can’t find enough Americans. I just didn’t hear it in the room, Sen. [Dick] Durbin and Sen. [Chuck] Schumer is against assault weapons? That’s what I heard,” the Alabama Republican said on the Senate floor Friday, referring to his colleagues from Illinois and New York.

“But they want to turn around and give an offensive weapon to a Chinese, a Russian or an Iranian who came to this country illegally to protect the American citizen of the United States of America. Have we lost our minds?” Tuberville continued.

Durbin and Schumer’s offices could not be reached for comment by

Alabama’s senior senator was apparently referring to Durbin’s support of a bill from Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth, his counterpart from Illinois, that would allow DACA recipients, those with temporary protected status and those with an approved immigrant visa application to enlist in the military report .

Duckworth proposed the measure to help the military make up for its recruiting shortage.

“Our military services face unprecedented challenges in meeting their recruiting goals – in part due to a historically small pool of eligible recruits,” she said as she introduced the Enlist Act. “My Enlist Act allows us to begin addressing this recruiting crisis by allowing the Department of Defense to expand the pool to include long-term residents – such as DACA recipients, those with temporary protected status, and those who have an approved immigrant visa application. subject to visa caps. Providing highly qualified, long-term residents of our great nation the opportunity to serve the country they love is a common-sense way to give the services greater access to talented potential recruits while improving the readiness of our military.”

DACA recipients include undocumented immigrants who came to the United States before the age of 16 and are permanent residents of the country.

People from China, Russia or Iran, the three countries named by Tuberville, are not granted temporary protected status. The Department of Homeland Security’s designated list of countries includes countries that are in the midst of civil war, that have experienced a natural disaster or “other extraordinary and temporary conditions.”

This does not include Mexico, the country from which most undocumented immigrants come.

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