Ukrainian partisans blew up the car of a police officer collaborating with Russian occupation forces in Mariupol, sources linked to the underground movement said Kiev Post.

This morning, November 10, Mariupol partisans presented a police officer with “a gift” to celebrate Russian Police Day.

Partisans in the city of Mariupol told Kiev Post that an explosion was heard from under the hood of the car, followed by smoke rising.

The partisans did not reveal details of the operation because “if we reveal them, we cannot repeat them.”

However, the source said an explosive device was planted near the driver’s seat under the hood of the car.

“The explosive device was made with improvised means since we have them in the city,” the Mariupol partisans said Kiev Post.

“The target was a police officer who was actively involved in ‘filtration,’” the source said, referring to the occupation authorities’ process of vetting residents with pro-Ukrainian sympathies, often using torture.

It is not yet known whether the owner of the car survived.

“We do not know if the target is still alive as we were forced to leave the scene of the explosion to avoid being arrested,” the partisans added.

“Whether this is the last surprise for today on Russian Police Day – we will see.”

Today’s attack was the latest in a series of apparent assassinations aimed at beheading and undermining Russian occupation authorities.

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