Claire, Ella and Lily Codaro were born at the end of August.

A couple in Louisiana, US, welcomed “spontaneous triplets”, the name given to the natural conception of identical triplets, a rare event that occurs in one in one to 200 million pregnancies. According to a press release, Haley and Matthew Cordaro gave birth to the trio in late August at Willis-Knighton South & the Center for Women’s Health.

Haley went into labor at 31 weeks, resulting in the premature birth of her children. All three weighed less than three pounds and had been in the hospital since birth. The couple, who are also parents to a three-year-old daughter Kennedy, said this People magazine“We were very fortunate and fortunate to have passed 32 weeks of pregnancy and given birth to three healthy babies, taking into account all the potential risks of a multiple pregnancy. We know we will have some challenges ahead of us, but are excited about our new life with the girls.” “

Dr. Gerald Brent Whitton, a NICU doctor who cares for Claire, Ella and Lily Codaro, said in the news release: “They were doing very well. It was an easy and hassle-free stay. As we get closer and closer to the babies.” “Release, we will bring the parents here and get them used to caring for all three at the same time.” However, according to the hospital, the girls must pass three tests. Any breathing problems must be resolved and the temperature in the crib should be able to be maintained. The final test requires that they be able to eat regularly.

Hospital authorities said Matthew and Haley were “surprised” when they discovered they were expecting triplets during an ultrasound scan. They added that neither side of the couple had a history of multiple births. Mr Cordaro said they were in “absolute disbelief” when they heard the news and their emotions went from happy to nervous. “Our feelings then shifted towards worry as the pregnancy is inherently very high risk. Starting in the second trimester, our doctor visits kept bringing great news,” he told the outlet.

When the trio turned one month old, the mother posted an update on Facebook saying they were gaining weight and would be home soon. “I wish these little angel babies a wonderful month! “You have been working on bottle feeding and gaining weight and should be able to come home in a few weeks!” Ms Haley wrote on the social media platform in September. In another post, she wrote that her three-year-old was “simply blown away by her little sisters!”

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