CHICAGO (CBS) – Two White Sox fans are injured after a shooting Friday night, but it’s still unclear where the bullets were fired. The big question is whether the shots were fired inside or outside the stadium. Investigators are looking at both possibilities, but CBS 2 crews spotted them almost a mile away while looking for evidence.

On Saturday, the otherwise empty parking lot was packed with Chicago police officers searching for shell casings in the grass and in the alley near West 42nd Street and South Princeton Avenue.

Police sources tell CBS 2 that a ShotSpotter spotted gunfire there Friday night. Neighbors say they heard her.

Cameras in the stands at Guaranteed Rate Field captured the moment a 41-year-old woman in Section 162 realized she had been shot in the leg.

According to the police, a 26-year-old woman was also scraped on the stomach.

According to police sources, this happened at the same time gunfire was spotted near 42nd Street.

According to sources, the women were teachers on a group outing.

Fellow fans in the stands waved to the security forces for help. Fans who were seated nearby told CBS 2 that security had cleared several rows of seats to allow police to investigate.

Video shows the moment fans are hit by gunfire at a White Sox game (01:42).

The White Sox continued to play, but the post-game concert was canceled. The Sox blamed “technical problems” but didn’t mention the shooting, which may have happened far from the stands. Staff said the incident was initially presented to them as an injury and when police investigated there was no active threat to other fans.

“It wasn’t canceled for security reasons. It was canceled so the CPD could go and survey the area. They had to turn on the lights and the fans had to leave the area,” White Sox senior vice president Scott Reifert said.

The White Sox say their security team confirmed there was no altercation inside the ballpark in the incident.

“All we heard was that no shots were fired at the ballpark last night. I think if that had happened the crowd would have had a very different reaction from our security, right. From the CPD,” said Reifert.

Fans filled the area around the Guaranteed Rate Field Saturday afternoon as another game against the Oakland As was set to begin.

Several people told CBS 2 that they hadn’t considered coming.

When asked about Friday’s shooting, Mayor Brandon Johnson said Chicago police were going full force. And there were uniformed cops and K-9s all over the park.

Many fans came to the Tailgate early on and didn’t change their plans because of the shooting.

But a man who declined to share his information was in the same department as the women who were injured on Friday. He said he was disappointed with the way the whole thing was handled but came back on Saturday anyway.

It was clear that the injuries were a big topic of conversation.

“I just wasn’t sad that people made decisions like this that affect everyone,” said fan Rachel Berndt. “But I know they can happen anywhere.”

“I feel like there’s a little more security,” said Yuridia Villalba. “I saw the dogs and everything. So I feel pretty safe.”

“I’m just scratching my head,” Art Debare said. “It’s just another mistake for the White Sox this year. It’s been a long season. And it really is a tragedy.”

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