Warning: Spoilers for “Fear The Walking Dead”, Season 8, Episode 10.


  • Madison’s plan to kill Troy Otto’s daughter Tracy in season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead goes beyond the steps the protagonists have previously taken to survive.
  • There is evidence that Madison and Daniel would have committed the murder if they had not been interrupted.
  • Tracy’s death would have been more brutal and preventable than when Carol shot Lizzie in Season 4 of The Walking Dead, making it the darkest moment in the franchise yet.

Fear the walking death rarely holds its own, but a key scene from Season 8, Episode 10, “Keeping Her Alive,” comes dangerously close to being the darkest moment ever The walking dead Protagonist since the AMC series began in 2010. From Daryl Dixon torturing prisoners to Rick Grimes biting out a villain’s throat, The walking deadThe heroes were willing to commit surprisingly terrible acts in the name of survival. The darkest of all came in The walking dead Season 4, when Melissa McBride’s Carol shot 12-year-old Lizzie after she murdered her own sister.

Carol’s act of taking down a killer tween is almost surpassed in her achievement Fear the walking death Season 8. “Keeping Her Alive” appropriately introduces Antonella Rose as Troy Otto’s daughter, Tracy Fear the walking death‘s cast. Troy claims to have killed Alicia Clark at some point Fear the walking death Seasons 7 and 8 and left her undead corpse wandering aimlessly. To give her daughter closure, Madison believes Tracy can lead the way to Alicia’s reanimated remains. That in itself isn’t particularly cruel or scary The walking deadAt least the standards of . What Madison does next, however, goes beyond the pale.

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Did Madison really want to kill a child out of fear of the Walking Dead?

When Madison discovers that Tracy has, unsurprisingly, lied about Alicia’s whereabouts, a moral dilemma arises. Tracy knows PADRE’s whereabouts and will lead her father there to conquer the settlement when the opportunity arises. Madison’s solution is to simply kill Tracy, and Daniel Salazar offers minimal resistance to the idea before getting involved himself. While one could argue that Madison is simply trying to get Tracy to reveal Alicia’s true whereabouts, there are several shocking clues in this case Fear the walking death The scene suggests that her attempt to murder a child is very real.

First, Madison continues to push a nearby zombie toward the tied-up Tracy, even after the boy loudly shouts the supposed true location of Alicia’s body. Second, Madison and Daniel only stop killing Tracy when Victor Strand arrives and interrupts them. After all, if Madison was merely faking killing Tracy to scare the child into cooperating, she would surely tell Strand when he arrived – something along the lines of “I didn’t really intend to kill her, you know“Such an assurance is never given. All signs point to Madison and Daniel would have killed Tracy if Strand hadn’t arrived in time.

Madison killing Tracy would have been TWD’s darkest protagonist moment ever

Carol shooting Lizzie in Season 4 remains the benchmark for protagonists who commit seriously sinister acts The walking dead, but if Madison and Daniel had witnessed Tracy’s murder to the end, Carol would settle for second place. Lizzie’s death may have been an unpleasant and disturbing sight, but the brutal act was not without justification. The zombie apocalypse had caused Lizzie to deteriorate to the point where she posed a danger to other children. Carol knew that bringing Lizzie back into her group was not an option and found the friendliest solution she could under the circumstances.

Tracy’s death in Fear the walking death would have been completely avoidable. Madison and Daniel rightly rule out returning the child to Troy because it would endanger their people at PADRE. However, they could have sent Tracy back to PADRE as a prisoner, kept her with Madison for safekeeping while she continued the hunt for Alicia, or even convinced Luciana to hide the child among the rest stop survivors. None of these options are ideal, but all are preferable to murder.

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Fear the walking death continues Sunday on AMC.

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