RESIDENTS of a quaint seaside town say visitors are driving them insane with the same mistake.

The locals of Teignmouth, Devon are blessed with golden sandy beaches, historic architecture, transport links and scenic views nearby.


Locals in Teignmouth are in big trouble with visitorsCredit: Getty


Teignmouth Beach is popular with visitors from the UK and abroadCredit: Getty

And although residents of the 15,000-strong resort town are known for their friendliness and friendliness, they say there’s one thing that gets on tourists’ nerves.

Some have expressed frustration that visitors consistently struggle to pronounce the name of their beloved home correctly.

Northerners may tend to pronounce it as “Tine-Muhth”, similar to Tynemouth, the famous beach town on the Newcastle coast.

On the other hand, those in the South may advocate a pronunciation more similar to “tane-mouth” and consistent with the spelling.

However, both camps would be wrong, because the locals would have agreed on a unique pronunciation: “Tin-muth”, reports the Express.

The name Teignmouth means “mouth of the creek” and derives from its original nickname Tengemua.

The attractiveness of Teignmouth as a top tourist destination is enhanced by the diverse local environment.

The city’s scenic waterfront is complemented by lush scenery and lush greenery, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty.

Tourists can also take a leisurely stroll through the city’s stunning streets, which are adorned with a delightful mix of Georgian buildings and even the occasional palm tree.

The charming town is known for its diverse streets and colorful houses.

Teignmouth is one of several in Devon that is commonly mispronounced due to its resemblance to another seaside town and the complicated spelling.

Visitors can also see nearby attractions by exploring the local Coombe Valley Nature Reserve or RSPB Labrador Bay further along the coast.

This comes after residents of another small village revealed the chaos that comes with living next to the site of one of Britain’s most popular festivals – the Boardmasters.

Porth, Cornwall locals see up to 50,000 tourists flock to the area each year for five days of sun, surf and live music.

And locals of a quaint seaside town loved by Prince William and Princess Kate said their area is also being ruined by tourists.

Locals in Anglesey, Wales, say visitors are making life hell by clogging the streets.

It was recently used as a filming location for The House of the Dragon – and the Prince and Princess of Wales are known to have had a house nearby in Bodorgan.

But its popularity creates chaos for Newborough residents as tourists have to drive through to reach Ynys Llanddwyn.

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