Wes Anderson’s unmistakable flair for cinema has cemented his position as one of today’s preeminent directors. Each of his films is a symphony of detailed images, eccentric characters and stories that linger long after the credits roll. It’s no surprise, then, that over the course of his unique filmography, Anderson’s works have become instantly recognizable to both seasoned critics and casual moviegoers.

In 2023, Anderson introduced audiences to the miraculous Asteroid citywhich Far said: “Heralds a return to form for an auteur director who has achieved a new sense of humility.” Recently, the director presented us with a quartet of short films for Netflix inspired by the legendary Roald Dahl. Under these, The Wonderful Life of Henry Sugar was notable for its extended running time of 40 minutes. Although Anderson has not devoted a full-length contribution to the musical genre, the visual rhythm and unique aesthetic of his films fit well with the spirited vibrancy of the genre.

In an open conversation with Le Video Club, Anderson delved deep into his love of musicals. Keep up The Pajama Game, he shared, “I showed this one to my daughter. I was never a big musical person; I haven’t seen that many musicals, but I started because my daughter loves them. This is one that I particularly love. There’s a sequence where they sing a song called “Steam Heat” that’s truly unforgettable. But the whole film is great and the colors are great.” Although he admitted that he was not an avid fan of musicals at first, his daughter’s love for them made him appreciate and discover the gems of the genre.

His appreciation didn’t stop there. Then he spoke warmly about it Meet me in St. LouisHe explained: “This is [director] Vincente Minnelli, and this is my favorite film of his and one of my favorite musicals ever. Judy Garland.” With a mix of romance, drama and outstanding musical numbers, it’s no wonder Anderson is captivated by this timeless classic.

With a spotlight Sadie McKeeAnderson delved into the complex dynamic, saying, “Clarence Brown is directing it, there’s this song ‘All I Do is Dream of You.’ That was written for this film and Gene Raymond sings it.” What Anderson does about that What impressed the film most, however, was the portrayal of male characters.

Despite their obvious flaws and occasional betrayals, these characters were portrayed in a sympathetic light. Elaborating on the intriguing character portrayals, he remarked, “You know, that’s it her Movie; The men have strange flaws… The men fail them, but are essentially treated like good characters, with compassion – they are strange characters. But she’s great and it’s a wonderful film.”

Given Anderson’s obvious passion for the world of musicals, one can’t help but wonder: Will he one day parlay that appreciation into a musical of his own? Until such a day comes, fans can seek solace in Anderson’s warm recommendations Sadie McKee be a standout. As he puts it: “I highly recommend it.”

Wes Anderson’s favorite musicals

  • The Pajama Game (Stanley Donen and George Abbot, 1957)
  • Meet me in St. Louis (Vincente Minnelli, 1944)
  • Sadie McKee (Clarence Brown, 1934)

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