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  • Taylor Sheridan, the creator of YellowstoneHe appeared in his own show as Travis Wheatley, a wise and resilient horse trader.
  • Sheridan appeared in a total of seven episodes over the series’ five seasons and also appeared in the spin-off series 1883.
  • Sheridan’s character Travis delivers some of the show’s best and funniest dialogue, including a memorable monologue in Season 4 in which he gives Jimmy Hurdstrom advice on succeeding in equestrian sports.

Taylor Sheridan‘S Yellowstone has become increasingly popular after its premiere in 2018. The neo-Western TV series, which recently made its network debut on CBS, is in its fifth and final season, although it is a spin-off series Matthew McConaughey is on the horizon. Most know that creator Sheridan was actually a successful actor before becoming an even more successful showrunner, and you may be curious if the multi-talented star has ever stepped in front of the camera and appeared on his own show. The short answer is yes, and we’re here to break down his few appearances for you.


Release date June 20, 2018

Pour Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Kelsey Chow, Cole Hauser, Gil Birmingham, Danny Huston

Main genre theatre

Genres Drama, Western

Evaluation TV-MA

Seasons 5

Creator John Linson, Taylor Sheridan

Taylor Sheridan is an established actor and screenwriter

A native Texan, Sheridan grew up on his family’s ranch in Cranfills Gap and later attended Texas State University in San Marcos, in the middle of the state’s well-known “hill country” near Austin and San Antonio. After graduating, he moved to LA and appeared in several TV shows including Walker, Texas Ranger, NCIS: Los AngelesAnd Veronica Mars. He had his big break Sons of Anarchy when he landed the role of Deputy Chief David Hale in the gritty series about a motorcycle gang, which received rave reviews from both critics and audiences.

The idea of ​​donning his own cowboy hat and pair of chaps was apparently always on the table when he began development Yellowstone. In addition, he has also written scripts for successful films such as Sicario, Hell or high waterAnd Wind flow. He has several other series including Tulsa King with Sylvester Stallone, Mayor of Kingstown with Jeremy RennerThe Yellowstone Prequel series 1923 with Harrison Ford And Helen Mirrenand the new anthology series Law Enforcement Officer: Bass Reeves.

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone character works closely with John Dutton

Image via Paramount

Sheridan has appeared every year since the series began, but if you’re more focused on other storylines, you may not have remembered (or recognized) him as the wise and resilient horse trader Travis Wheatley. He appeared in a total of seven episodes over the series’ five seasons and was often hired by the series’ star and main character, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) to help him choose some horses for his ranch. In the 2021 episode “No Such Thing as Fair”, Travis is once again hired by John Dutton to represent Yellowstone Ranch as a rider as the Duttons attempt to expand their influence in the equestrian arena. Eagle-eyed fans might have that too Sheridan discovered on the Yellowstone Spinoff series 1883where he appeared as a real rancher for two episodes Charles, goodnight.

Taylor Sheridan has one of Yellowstone’s best monologues.

Image via Paramount

Sheridan’s character Travis also appears later in Season 4 when he accompanies Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) down to 6666 Ranch. Jimmy isn’t entirely sure he’s ready to become a great horseman, and Sheridan’s character delivers some of the series’ most quick-witted and good-natured remarks about why he steers the expensive, coveted horses and trailer. You would assume that Sheridan would deliver some of the best and funniest dialogue, right? First he quoted from his favorite film: Rest house“I’ll get as much sleep as I need when I’m dead,” as he expresses his love for the character he plays Sam Elliott In the film, Travis then gives Jimmy some friendly advice on how he can be successful in equestrian sports.

The Four Sixes Ranch, known on the show for breeding some of the most elite stallions in the horse trading business, actually existed long before it was shown Yellowstone and covers 300,000 acres just outside the small town of Guthrie, TX. We’ll be keeping an eye on Sheridan’s character Travis and won’t be surprised if he appears in another episode of ” Yellowstone down the road – or maybe even an episode of 1923.

Yellowstone is available to stream in the US on Peacock

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