With Grand Theft AutoRockstar Games takes its love of movies and storytelling to a higher level in an exaggerated version of America. Whether it’s reimagining New York as Liberty City, Miami as a replacement for Vice City, or Los Angeles as the inspiration for Los Santos, each of these places grew and took on characteristics from other similar areas as they evolved into the Open -World playgrounds we love. The series seems to be rooted here in the US, and aside from that quick trip to London on the original PlayStation, it doesn’t look like things are changing. However, now might be the time to leave familiar territory.

Liberty City provided some dramatic adventures and thrilling police chases in its concrete maze amidst a bustling criminal underworld, Vice City gave fans long, beautiful beaches with bright neon along the strips, giving them an unbeatable sense of style, while San Andreas offered that Players experience the flavor of the West Coast by living a life from the slums to the hills where the rich and famous live. These places have been well explored, mapped and expanded, and although it feels good to go home again, there is a certain pressure to relive treasured memories of these places while doing something new. Setting doesn’t usually limit these types of stories, but there’s nothing like a new canvas, and so many prominent names have left Rockstar since then GTAVs Published a decade ago, a hard relocation can only be beneficial. But where could we go that offers the same features and potential as well as new elements to play with?

Let’s travel to the Empire State of the South, Georgia. The capital has a rich history, a true mix of people and culture and is a place that makes waves in many different ways – welcome to Atlanta, where the players play.

Why Atlanta makes sense for Grand Theft Auto

Before we move on, Rule #1: Almost no one who lives here calls it “Hotlanta,” so no one else needs to. That doesn’t matter much anyway, since we know that Rockstar would easily change the name of the city, important landmarks and businesses, mainly to suit their style and dry sense of humor, but also to avoid lawsuits. I want to talk about what’s actually in The A that could be used creatively for the game.

If someone has a car, it’s easy to get around the city, and such an environment lends itself to GTA for obvious reasons. Many of the city’s major neighborhoods are close together, supported by a network of buses and trains known as MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) if the passenger wishes to visit certain key areas. Buildings are easy to spot and it’s not difficult to navigate the area, but getting used to the traffic on the main roads can take some time. There is a running theme with many of the streets, as there are over 70 streets that bear the Peachtree name in some form, so it can be a bit confusing at times, leading to the perfect joke or random lines from NPCs.

The city also boasts the busiest airport in the United States, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, which offers more than enough action to make it a hub for missions and the perfect location for players taking any size plane to get through to fly around the city. Since the city is also home to the headquarters of Delta Air Lines, the industry is thriving here. The other classic means of transportation would be boats, but there isn’t much of that here in the real world. Rockstar could easily change the map or expand the area to include places like Savannah, similar to how San Andreas sometimes includes San Fierro and Las Venturas, so that wouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

There are numerous famous landmarks that make the city stand out and give players plenty of scope to play in Grand Theft Auto. Not only is Atlanta the headquarters of UPS and Home Depot, but also home to many other Fortune 500 companies, but there must also be the opportunity to explore the Coca-Cola Co. – which in this world is probably in something like Muff Coke was renamed, and at least one soft drink-based weapon for online shenanigans. There’s also Underground Atlanta to explore, which isn’t technically underground, but if that’s not enough for shopping, Buckhead is the place to be, and both areas are ripe for an in-game killing spree.

A-Town is also full of foodies, with everything from fine dining and celebrity chefs to fried chicken (Cluckin’ Bell anyone?) and the gem of the Southeast, Waffle House, found everywhere for hash browns and late-night brawls. The food is plentiful and varied, but everyone has to try the sweet tea. There are also a variety of trendy coffee houses, chic bars and lively clubs for the after-dinner evening. It also wouldn’t be a Grand Theft Auto game without some spacious and detailed strip clubs, of which Atlanta has a wide variety. We recommend Pink Pony and the excellent Clermont Lounge.

Atli locals also appreciate a good festival, from small street events to seasonal gatherings, whether art, film, music or beer, there is always something to celebrate. Even if Dogwood or Music Midtown don’t grab everyone’s attention, there will be something here. If anyone is looking for big conventions, Dragon Con is a real party beast for all fandoms and it would be great to recreate it in a virtual world with a wild cosplay mission.

If something more nature-related is on the menu, there’s always the Georgia Aquarium, where you can spot tons of marine and saltwater animals. However, if you prefer to be outside, Atlanta has several large parks, from Piedmont to the Beltline, a trail system converted from an old railroad corridor, perfect for stunt jumps. That’s not all, though, as places like Stone Mountain – with a laser show on a carving in the formation, the largest Confederate monument in the world – beg for a story arc in which someone tries to blow it up – and that spectacular botanical gardens. There is no shortage of greenery here.

Another thing that is in abundance is churches, some of which are quite huge in the city, and it is quite common to be asked as an ice breaker the question “Where do you worship?” These would be megachurches in the game and home to some interesting characters, especially depending on the characters’ backgrounds. Atlanta is also home to one of the largest Hindu temples in the states, as many religions and people of different cultures gather here.

The different neighborhoods are all different and have their own personality due to the mix of people who live there, with a multicultural feel in the shops or a place like Little Five Points offering a place for those who don’t seem to fit in. There are plenty of signs that aren’t in English, tastes and traditions from around the world, and also a thriving gay community (some even call it Yaas-lanta). It’s a great chance to bring Tony Prince back into the game.

The only thing bigger than religion in this area is the sports culture, and almost everyone here is rooting for someone, even if being a fan of the Atlanta team has been difficult in the past. It doesn’t matter whether it’s college football, the Falcons, Hawks, Atlanta United or our underdog champions, the Atlanta Braves, there are plenty of hometown heroes. Even though sports aren’t the entertainment factor, there are celebrities walking around here as Atlanta has become a hub for television and film productions. There must be some tasks that can be completed at Trilith Studios (formerly Pinewood), especially if the player comes across the sets of a Walking Dead parody or a new Marvel film. If it’s not big blockbuster movies, there’s also porn, like in Vice City.

If it’s more about historical figures, Atlanta was the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., so be sure to visit his church and the King Center or one of the places that offer a deep dive into the city’s history with civil rights and racial relations. This is an important point to remember in this part of the South, as Atlanta is often referred to as the “Black Mecca.”

There are a lot of different languages ​​spoken here, but since it’s so deep in the south (Vice City was in Florida, it’s not the same), it’s more about colloquialism, but it’s not just “y’all” and calling everyone soda coke. Be prepared to say something back or throw your fists if someone walks around saying “bless your heart” or calls someone “little darling.” Depending on how far Rockstar wants to go with the map, how far into the swamps or behind the trailer parks the missions take us, there are many different cultures and types of people to explore and the potential for a vibrant open world is limitless.

Atlanta, unlike the rest of the state, is its own shining star and a city that has used the phoenix as a symbol since it was burned by General Sherman in 1864. It’s a tough place, with a crime rate that’s only just won. It doesn’t fall, and while the people can be quite hospitable, the city as a whole doesn’t care who it swallows. It’s the perfect setting for a new game or spin-off. There’s no chance of something like that happening in Grand Theft Auto 6, but whatever form we get a new setting, it would be a great time to burn Atlanta down again.

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