• Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 addresses the Avengers’ absence in a comic, explaining that they are usually busy solving crises away from New York City.
  • Incorporating the Avengers would be challenging in terms of both negotiations and development time, as it would require designing and developing unique versions of popular characters.
  • The story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 focuses on Peter, Miles and their respective storylines, so it’s unlikely that including the Avengers would enrich the story without diluting or derailing its focus.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 presents some major challenges that dwarf the threats of previous titles in the Insomniac Games series, so it might seem a little odd that the Avengers never show up to deal with them. Peter and Miles are certainly powerful, but a few Spider-Men can’t exactly hold a candle to a full team of superheroes with some particularly powerful abilities. Although it’s sometimes better to ignore questions like these instead of just enjoying the story, there is actually a concrete answer to why the Avengers aren’t there Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Although it took decades for major event crossovers to become the focus of superhero stories, the concept is now largely established. From major comic book arcs to blockbuster MCU films, there is some expectation that rising stakes will eventually lead to outside intervention. This approach often makes sense narratively, but its popularity probably stems more from fans’ desire to see their favorite characters work together. Although Marvel’s Spider-Man already accomplishes this point in an important way by focusing its story on both Peter and Miles, having established their individual narratives in previous games, but it stops short of expanding on those ambitions.

The Avengers are busy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The absence of the Avengers in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is actually addressed in a comic rather than in the game, but the explanation is the only canon one given. The current comic series Spider-Man: Unlimited Infinity follows the standard Earth-616 Spider-Man on an adventure that transcends dimensions, a journey that eventually sees him team up with Insomniac’s Spider-Man. As ComicGirlAshley points out in a tweet that Insomniac’s character says, “Where I come from they are always gone” in reference to the Avengers, meaning the team usually travels far away from New York City to resolve crises.

This isn’t a particularly detailed explanation for the Avengers’ absence Marvel’s Spider-Man games, it doesn’t explain exactly where they are or what they do, but it provides a basic answer to a frequently asked question. Although limiting this conversation to one comic could mean so many Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Players could miss it, it’s a clever way of not completely glossing over the problem while keeping the game free of awkward passing references. The Avengers Tower itself does appear in the game, but a location is much easier to seamlessly implement than dialogue that is irrelevant to the plot or characters as a whole.

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It would be difficult to include the Avengers in Spider-Man 2

Aside from focusing on canon, these are the main reasons for the Avengers’ absence Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are probably practical. In principle, it could be complicated for Insomniac to negotiate the Avengers’ involvement in the game. There is no evidence that they are definitely limited in use Spider-Man Characters, like, contrary to what the PlayStation exclusivity suggests, the Marvel’s Spider-Man Games have nothing to do with Sony’s ownership of the Spider-Man film rights. Still, Marvel is unlikely to deny a studio blanket access to all characters, and sticking to Spider-Man’s core characters is undoubtedly a simpler approach.

Even if the rights were easily secured, including the Avengers would likely take up a lot of development time. Anything beyond a cameo requires refining designs and developing unique incarnations of beloved characters, as well as perfecting their in-game powers. The recent Marvel’s Avengers Square Enix’s game had to revisit character design development after initial negative reception, which shows how protective fans are of the characters and how easy it is to deliver something unsatisfying. Although Marvel’s Avengers has since been removed from stores, its existence could also have prevented the characters from being included in the Insomniac works.

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The Avengers would disrupt the story of Spider-Man 2

From a narrative perspective, it’s also likely that including the Avengers would hurt the story Insomniac is telling Marvels Spider Man 2. There’s already a lot to juggle between Peter, Miles, and various supporting characters in both of their orbits, and even the mention of an additional superhero ensemble could easily dilute or derail the focus. Unless the Avengers were included as playable characters, which would be a tall order, it would also be difficult to include them in pivotal events without taking away some agency from the player.

All in all, any small suspension of disbelief necessary to accept that the Avengers are simply incapable of interfering has significantly less impact on the narrative than arguing with the team of heroes. This is far from the first time that characters have been dodged from the potential enhancement of a story, and even the MCU Spider-Man films find reasons to keep most of them out of Peter Parker’s business. If Insomniac ever brings her to life, it will probably be in a game that has more room for her at the center of the story than one that is already as full as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Is.

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At the end of the dayMarvel’s Spider-Man 2 is, well, a Spider-Man game, and it’s difficult to find a spotlight big enough to share with even the core Avengers crew. Thanks to Spider-Man: Unlimited Infinity, Marvel has given an in-universe answer as to why the Avengers aren’t coming into view, as they seem content to leave their tower mostly unoccupied to pursue other tasks. Peter Parker and Miles Morales tend to stay focused on the “friendly neighborhood” part of the job, and it seems the Avengers will allow them to take on that mantle Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 without any impairment.

Source: ComicGirlAshley/Twitter

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