The woman was traveling on a Canada-based Air Transat flight.

In a shocking incident, a passenger on board a Canada-based Air Transat flight discovered blood stains on the seat in front of her. The woman took to X, formerly Twitter, to share her harrowing experience. When she called cabin crew to inform them, one of them provided her with disinfectant wipes and asked her to clean the blood with her own hands, Birgit Umaigba Omoruyi said.

“Dear @airtransat, what more can I say? As if finding fresh blood on the seat in front of me wasn’t enough, one of your flight attendants provided me with disinfectant wipes to wipe it off with my bare hands. Thank God for that “Using common sense, I asked for gloves and wiped off the blood as I said,” she said on the microblogging platform.

She added: “Next time, please feel free to call me to help you clean the entire plane so that this never happens again. My goodness.”

She further stated that after waiting three hours for the flight to take off, a flight attendant yelled at an elderly woman who wanted to use the bathroom. “Then, after three hours of waiting on the plane for departure, one of your employees was busy yelling at a black elderly woman who asked to use the washroom just before the final announcement that the three-hour hydraulic problem had been fixed . It was so disgusting to watch,” the nurse added.

“I hope you do better for the people who enrich your company,” Ms. Omoruyi said.

Since her post was shared, it has garnered a lot of attention from social media users.

“She told you to do it…?! Incredible. “Also, it’s disgusting that after a global pandemic, the trays aren’t being wiped down at all,” one user said.

“That’s worrying, you shouldn’t have to do that!” Air Transat needs to do better,” someone commented.

A third user added: “We absolutely need to introduce cleaning protocols for planes, they are no longer cleaned at all between flights, they are not even ventilated and the air is not filtered to the extent that it needs to be,” they claim.”

One user added: “Back then my aunt worked for Delta. She was a cleaner. They decided to stop doing this because there was no time left between flights. Disgusting that we have to sit in a damn petri dish because they want to cram as many flights as possible. Aviation industry grr.”

In July, a passenger on board an Air France plane panicked when he discovered a blood-soaked carpet. Habib Battah took to X to share details of the disturbing incident on his flight from Paris to Toronto. Mr Battah said he came across a blood-soaked carpet on the plane and had to clean his clothes as they were soaked. He explained that he noticed a spot on the floor that gave off a foul smell. He turned to airline staff and asked for help. They gave him some cloths to remove the substance and he soon realized that the substance was blood.

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