When six strangers gathered to take an IQ test, one of them openly expressed her suspicions and suggested that she thought one of them wouldn’t do as well as the others. However, when all the results came out, she was proven wrong.

The woman with a Ph.D. believed she would do better on an IQ test than a Marine with a high school diploma.

In a YouTube video from the “Jubilee” channel as part of the “Ranking” series, six people came together to take an IQ test.

One of the test subjects was 30-year-old Maria, who has a doctorate. in cancer biology and completed her graduate training at the University of South Carolina. She now claims to work in the biotech industry.

Most of the other subjects also shared that they also had a college education from prestigious schools such as Harvard and Yale. The only one who didn’t have a college degree was 21-year-old Tyler, who has a high school diploma and works for the U.S. Marine Corps.

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When the group was asked what intelligence meant to them, Tyler replied, “I think intelligence can be defined as your adaptability and problem-solving skills rather than your education.” He later added that common sense was the most important quality , when it comes to intelligence, even more than education.

According to Maria, it is EQ, IQ, common sense and street smarts that contribute to a person’s overall intelligence.

The group was asked to rank themselves in order from most intelligent to least intelligent.

Due to her impressive background, Maria rated herself as the second most intelligent of the group. She rated Tyler as the least intelligent. “It has nothing to do with your background,” she told him. “I don’t really think you personally have the highest EQ out of all of us.”

She later went on to say that she rated Tyler as the least intelligent based on his “behavior, his body language and the way he carried himself.” She wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Of the six members, three others also rated Tyler as the least intelligent.

Despite the group’s beliefs, Tyler confidently rated himself as the most intelligent of the group. “I know what it’s about and I’m sure of it,” he said.

The group members were then asked to prove their intelligence through an IQ test. An IQ test is a standardized assessment designed to measure a person’s cognitive abilities in various areas, including problem solving, logical thinking, memory and comprehension.

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To everyone’s surprise, the IQ test results ranked Tyler as the third highest intellectual of the group with a score of 131, while Maria was the lowest rated with a score of 112.

However, not all group members were satisfied after learning their results.

A member named Sada claimed that IQ tests are now notoriously “flawed” and based on incorrect sample sizes. She argued that the test couldn’t prove how intelligent she actually was because she suffered from dyslexia.

Maria stood by her assertion that a person’s intelligence is based on common sense and street smarts and cannot be determined with an IQ test alone. “There is more to this person than this test,” she said.

Others believed that you could do better on an IQ test if you had studied for it beforehand.

Tyler admitted that until that day he had never taken an IQ test or knew what it entailed. “This is my villain redemption arc!” he said, referring to how most of the group initially perceived him. “I’m climbing the ladder!”

Intelligence is not determined solely by a person’s level of education. A person’s intelligence is determined by several factors, including innate abilities, adaptability, creativity and willingness to learn.

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Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you have a PhD. or a high school diploma. Your education is just a fraction of many components that contribute to your overall intelligence.

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