A woman wondered if she’s the only person who spends her weekends alone preparing for the upcoming work week. In a TikTok video, Estée Lalonde explained that after a long week alone, she would rather relax than have a social life and spend time with other people.

She spends her weekends sleeping and watching Netflix so she can feel “normal” during the week.

“In order for me to feel somewhat normal during the week, I have to spend the entire weekend, including Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday, in pretty much complete solitude,” Lalonde began in her video.

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She claimed that she refused to have a social life and go out with her friends in order to feel rested and ready for another week of work. Instead, Lalonde says she prefers to grocery shop, walk her dog, pick up some flowers, sleep, watch Netflix and take various exercise classes, including yoga, all on her own as a form of self-care.

“If I don’t do this, I can’t function during the week,” she continued. “Is that a bad sign?”

In the comments, many people were quick to agree with Lalonde’s choice, sharing that they too find it better to spend weekends and free time outside of work alone to relax and connect with themselves.

“Same feeling. Need a minimum.” [of] “Nothing for a whole day,” one user wrote. Another added: “That’s not a bad thing. The weekend is for resting and doing things that bring you peace.”

“Interacting with people, even those I have known for years, is usually stressful. I love being alone,” a third user shared. “It’s really hard to enjoy time off when the week is SO demanding. But then it’s important to make time for the family/people you love. Always a struggle.”

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It is important that people take time to look after their wellbeing to balance working hours during the week.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of hours worked per week by an American worker is about 34.6. The estimate is in line with the national standard of 40 hours per week for full-time employees.

As Lalonde explained in her video, constantly working can be a real burden and can eventually leave you feeling burnt out and stressed. That’s why it’s important to practice various self-care activities. Whether you spend time alone like Lalonde or choose to spend time with friends and socialize, there’s no right way to relax.

In a country where living to work is often glorified, along with the trend of being a “boss wife” and the whole concept of hustle culture, it is important that we do not allow work to take over every corner of our lives devours. This is why many Americans claim that a four-day week would have an incredibly positive impact on the overall productivity of the working class.

According to a Newsweek poll, 71% of Americans support the concept of a four-day workweek. This excessive demand to work all the time can have serious consequences for the average person, and this distorted perception that work takes priority over caring for our mental and physical well-being is not a sustainable way to live.

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Whether someone chooses to spend their non-work time alone or engage in social interactions to recharge, it’s all about finding a balanced approach that works for you, especially in a world in which work pressure always prevails.

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