Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement posted on Telegram that he spoke to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban “as openly as possible” in a side conversation between the two leaders during the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected Argentine president on December 10 have.

Javier Milei is a far-right libertarian lawmaker who won Argentina’s presidential election on November 19 after declaring in his campaign that he would seek to improve relations with Russia and, among other political views that represented a break with outgoing President Alberto Fernandez to reduce China.

After the inauguration, a video appeared online showing Zelensky and Orban having a heated conversation in the Argentine government building. Details about what the two men talked about are not known. However, President Zelensky released a statement on Telegram later in the day.

“On the sidelines of the inauguration, I spoke as openly as possible with the Hungarian Prime Minister Orban. And it is clear that it is [the conversation] It was about our European affairs.”

Since Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine began, Hungary has repeatedly blocked EU funds to Kiev while opposing sanctions against Russia. Orban, who has close ties to the Kremlin, has refused to provide military aid to Ukraine and threatened to block Ukraine’s entry into the EU unless leaders agree to review their entire support strategy.

Latest war in Ukraine: Russian attacks continue along the Eastern Front, decreasing in the southeast

Key developments from December 9-10: * Russian troops continue offensive operations along Eastern Front * Fewer Russian offensive operations reported in southeast * US senator accuses Republicans of ‘taking aid to Ukraine hostage’ * Scholz says Germany should Be prepared to do more for Britain…

The Kiev independent Daria Shulzhenko

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